DxO Optics Pro 11

DxO Optics Pro is built (11) 509 Multilingual

DxO Optics Pro is the image data in order to better manage supplier quality natural raw demosaicing better. Discover exceptional performance in DxO Optics Pro. http://www.harfkaur.com/magix-sound-forge-pro-11-free-download/ Whether it is in manual or automatic system, a range of instruments, their pain can contribute to the improvement of the image. UTorrent Portable 3
Through the analysis of all the combinations over the camera lens, DxO Optics Pro to correct errors on the well-being, at the level singularisqualitas. Alba compensationvibration to any point on the curve of many balance saturation kolorówochrona all these bright colors, images or use all the instruments of choice of colors.

Pushing the limits of the camera:

automatic correction of optical defects of all

RAW conversion to pain ISO

And expression of the pain, and so the color

The products of the process segestandem

New DxO OpticsPro 11:

DxO 2016 PRIME

Industry, head of denoising is now faster, even in

And the pain weighed intelligent gauit

Apply to usewith Intelligent Face Detection inteligentnieton map of the entire image

red Eye

automatic detection and correction of red-eye

Auto Microcontrast

In short, to improve the details, but it is strong enough to leave the statues, and the entire ISO faciesHigh

Better Tone selective

The behavior of the natural look is better than the pain, the more sound

Display mode to full screen,

Navigate images of the surrounding environment, free from worries

Filtering Classification Shortcuts

Easyupload photos of new keyboard shortcuts

reactivity Slider

Two szybciejzapewniając use friction Talk

Technical data:

— DxO OpticsPro is available in English, French, German and Italian

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DxO Optics Pro 11

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