Ray Gigant


Title: Giant Ray

Genre: Adventure, RPG

Developer: Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc.

Editor: Acttil, LLC.
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Release Date: August 11, 2016

About game

Ray RPG dungeon crawler unique dungeons Gigantis combining visual novel adventure and Japan as storytelling. Players will be introduced for the first time in the history of exciting young fighter Ichiyawho is shrouded in mystery. As the story progresses, the player will be introduced to new characters that baadayekupataexperienciastarring.
http://nikamelk.com/2017/02/04/inside-multi11-repack-windows-78-download/ There are a totalof 3 different stories given Ichiya, Kyle and Nil.

Innovative combat system:

Unlike the turn-based RPG conventional war, Ray Gigantadopts unique style, which is fighting the greatest enemies of different distances and perspectives. Your party consists of three characters, each with their own unique abilities to participate in the battle of 3-way feedback. Also use based rhythm, beat Slash system trigger attacksdeadly during hisiahatima hero heroine resonate through their bodies!


In the not so distantin June Lands major cities are being attacked by giant creatures called giant. Each Squad nations tried to stop the attack without success. But then it turned out that the young man in Tokyo was able to defeat these monsters. Your name IchiyaAmakaze. The young man that failure Gigantsusing mysterious force called Yorigamicame known worldwide. But after failing Giantlost control of the city after destroying you protection, loses his senses. It was at this time that he was arrested and taken to a safe place, wheretheir fate would be

The flow of the game:

Ray giant players start with the middle story piece and then ventured off in dungeon for exploration and battles. Your team will consist of three characters, each with unique skills and will face a variety of enemies. After the war there and xefesceneskwa event history moredeveloped.

Dungeon Exploration:

In giant Ray, the story continues to investigate and clean various dungeons called Megalosites. There are a number of these dungeons players exploit a 3D map.


Thegame features a powerful 3-way vision of war rising against Giant. When you come across a great Giant, the characters within the party to take place from 3 distances, methods Gigantwith face fit for consumption debidos├║as ranks.


solidarity pamojaYorigamisin Ichiyaandwith others, are gradually Yorigami by then, thus giving a state of parasitism. Worms W M D installer Free Download
At the time, the characters will fight at the cost of their own lives.

Win Slash mode:

Vence mode Slash, aka SBM is a special skill that can be triggeredwith bar Points (SP). Usually, they are only able to implement 5 times per shift, but using SBM can execute commands more than 100 times.

nivelaci├│nsistema of:

within yamchezo leveling is done through the system Evolve trees.branches in three different categories, each with a different aspect to them.

System Requirements


OS: Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)

Processor: Intel Core i5 GHz or equivelant

Memory: 6 GB of RAM

Graphics: X 11 graphics card compatible with direct 1GB of RAM or equivelant

DirectX:Version 11

Storage: 6 GB of available space

Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio equal or better


OS: Windows, Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i5 GHz or equivelant

memory:8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 / AMD Radeon R7 equal or better

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 6 GB of available space

Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio equal or better

Ray Gigant

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