Veterans Group awaken after a night out, to see what the zombie apocalypse has spread throughout the United States. Together, they must fight their way across the country to find relief from the start and to restore freedom before masyadonglate.

Directed by Ross Patterson

Writer: Billy Jay, Nick Palmisciano

Stars: Mindy Robinson, William Shatner, Danny Trejo

Genre: Comedy | suspended

Country: United States



SOURCE: 720- Thanks, King DVD!

VIDEO: 2100Kbps

Resolution: 720×304

Duration: 1h 29m 43s

Subtitles: no

Audio: 192 kbps AC3


NOTES: Enjoy.

Special Thanks to: The Big Boss WIGWIG, ANSA, ACHOSINK,

Hamada, MAZENTBT, CD-moonlight, EMPEROR_DVD.

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